Friday, December 28, 2012

LD: 2nd Half of 1st Semester, 2nd Year

3rd semester figure drawing was all about stiff 'n' boring structural studies ... and I had loads of fun doing that, which I'm afraid it means I'm stiff'n' boring!

Isolated Studies 
A.K.A chopping-off-the-limbs-and-taking-off-the-skin

Less-Isolated Studies 
A.K.A less-chopping-and-less-skinning  

Some Short Poses

Some Long Poses

Dip Pen &Ink
Channeling Heinrich Kley and having loads of fun while failing miserably
*** Dip Pen does NOT go good with newsprint!

3rd Semester's Portfolio
1-5 min
5-15 min

Ladies and Gentlemen,
life of an animation student, on a Sunday morning, 5 am
Sad Story Bro!


  1. that photo totally depicts our 'sad' life. don't worry about drawing sniff now, you'll have the chance to draw more stylized and freely in third year, second year is for mastering structure anyway, and you're doing a great job at it. Keep up your hard work! :))