Monday, September 3, 2012

It's a Wrap!

Posting the last batch of relaxing-twice-a-week-10-dollars-a-session-downtown-Toronto figure drawings, and soon will be back to intense-frustrating-0-dollar-at-school-everyday-six-to-nine sessions!

- in chronological order -

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Itchy & Sketchy

It was about time to post some sketches here.
I draw from life so much that it usually makes me wonder if i can actually draw ... 
you know, without something in front of me!

Not too big on drawing superheros but Spider Man is fun to draw every now and then .
Its where anatomy meets interesting poses!

(supposed to be) Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) of The Mentalist, my favorite TV show:

Found this really cool photo on the net, wanted to give it a shot.

. . .

So you thought you are gonna see a lifedrawing-free post in here!

Had high hopes for this summer ... said i'm going to go to the zoo every week ... wait, no, twice a week ... so i bought the membership ... went only twice ... in 4 months ... 40 degrees both times ... brutal!

Hands down, most difficult form of life drawing for me! 

and the last batch of Toronto subway sketches which I'm truely not proud of: