Friday, December 28, 2012

LD: 2nd Half of 1st Semester, 2nd Year

3rd semester figure drawing was all about stiff 'n' boring structural studies ... and I had loads of fun doing that, which I'm afraid it means I'm stiff'n' boring!

Isolated Studies 
A.K.A chopping-off-the-limbs-and-taking-off-the-skin

Less-Isolated Studies 
A.K.A less-chopping-and-less-skinning  

Some Short Poses

Some Long Poses

Dip Pen &Ink
Channeling Heinrich Kley and having loads of fun while failing miserably
*** Dip Pen does NOT go good with newsprint!

3rd Semester's Portfolio
1-5 min
5-15 min

Ladies and Gentlemen,
life of an animation student, on a Sunday morning, 5 am
Sad Story Bro!

Monday, December 24, 2012

School Stuff

Just a few random school-related sketches that I wouldn't mind posting ...

Contrasting Characters


We have this amazing layout teacher who is taking us back to the very basics ...

Characters & Chairs

Characters & Car Exteriors
Characters & Car Interiors
Big Interior
Small Interior
3-Shot Thumbnails

a few visits to Royal Winter Fair & Royal Ontario Museum 

Cross-Contour fail!

Seriously though, I'm seriously going to start taking serious things more seriously!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Half-Assed Animations

Richard Williams thinks that one should take care of draftsmanship before even considering animation.
Meanwhile ...
Academic animation programs think that one should take care of draftsmanship, animation and 8 other courses at the same time.
As an animation student, It always hurts to see that mediocre touch in all my animations, knowing that given more time, they could have been potentially better.
But one can only do so much with his time ...

Wave, Boat, Sack: 

Weight Lift n' Toss: 
only focused on the mechanics of the action, and the result was fairly satisfying.
probably the only assignment i didn't really half-ass!

Walk n' Run: 
had fun making this crazy hobo walk! didnt upload the rest of the assignment cause it was rushed and terrible!

Expression Change: 
simply hate how this one turned out ...