Thursday, December 20, 2012

Half-Assed Animations

Richard Williams thinks that one should take care of draftsmanship before even considering animation.
Meanwhile ...
Academic animation programs think that one should take care of draftsmanship, animation and 8 other courses at the same time.
As an animation student, It always hurts to see that mediocre touch in all my animations, knowing that given more time, they could have been potentially better.
But one can only do so much with his time ...

Wave, Boat, Sack: 

Weight Lift n' Toss: 
only focused on the mechanics of the action, and the result was fairly satisfying.
probably the only assignment i didn't really half-ass!

Walk n' Run: 
had fun making this crazy hobo walk! didnt upload the rest of the assignment cause it was rushed and terrible!

Expression Change: 
simply hate how this one turned out ...


  1. I never understood that thinking for academic drawing. You don't get better at designing characters for animation until you try animating them. You won't be better at animating because you can draw a 2 hour pose nicely. I think you need to work all these skills together to understand them better and improve then to just arbitrarily have cut off points between skillsets. You don't become a better chef by chopping onions all day, you just get better at chopping onions!

    1. I agree and disagree. I'm specifically talking about Drawing/Draftsmanship vs. Animating, and how (in my opinion) one is a prerequisite for the other. As an animator, you are constantly facing challenges from both realms of "drawing" and "animation". Drawing has to be more-or-less 2nd nature to you in order to successfully focus on timing, spacing, acting, performance and etc. You can't become a better chef when you are worrying about chopping onions and the recipe at the same time and you would be surprised how important it is to be able to chop onions.

  2. Replies
    1. It means a lot coming from the great animator that you are, thanks dude!

  3. whooo the hobo walk is awesome! you should make it a .gif

    1. i triiied, it didnt work i guess, the file was too big or something! Thanks J-Son!

  4. Yeaah, I love the walking Hobo!