Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To Think or Not To Think

So this one day I decided to do 2 back-to-back sessions which ended up with 2 completely different results.

First session, I did it the way I always do it. Tried to keep a structural mindset and think in boxes, as my tutor James Ghio insists all the time  - whose life drawings have been a huge inspiration to me by the way. It slows me down, burns my brain cells and mentally wears me out, so there is a lot of desk-flipping involved!

I should do models a big favor and not draw their faces!

Second session, I noticed my brain has burnt out and I simply cannot think or focus anymore, therefore I just let loose! No structure, no boxes, no proper block-in. I got a lot faster but sacrificed structure and proportion for it, but to be honest it was liberating and no desks were flipped!

I am switching back to my nerve-racking method!


  1. Tahaaaaa! I'm scared to go to life-drawing with you next year, haha! You're getting too amazing at this!

    Great job!

    1. Pieeeeeerre, these are really long poses! Trust me, there is nothing to be scared of!
      Thanks a lot though

  2. Solid work dude, keep at it!