Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Faces in Places

Cafe' sketching has become a major hobby of mine. It's really fun until you are caught red-handed by the person you are drawing and awkwardness instantly fills the air.
Subway is my favourite place to sketch people though. People move less, they are either thinking, reading or sleeping. It makes the time fly and the ride enjoyable, but the chances of missing your stop are not slim either!

I love Cafe sketching! It includes cafes and sketching. what's not to like?  

Color fail 
Another color fail

MooMoo! stayed with us for a week.


  1. Well Done Taha, Great Cafe Sketches !

  2. Pure awesomeness, Taha! Love all of this (the last one, hahaha!)

    And the one on the top of the right page of the 5th image (wow confusing), I just really like that one for some reason! But a lot of other great ones too!


    1. Thanks for the nice words Pierre! He HE heee!