Friday, March 29, 2013

Old West

Design is my nemesis ... one of the many.
I find it very very hard but at the same time, its pretty fun!

- some of the few "readable" preliminary sketches -


  1. I was afraid I'd never get to see your character designs! I'm really digging these silhouettes, especially Aunt Jane. I think the wrinkles in her dress should go up into the armpits from the breasts, but whatever, that's just me being a nitpicky downer. Guh, that posing <3

    1. yaaaaa! totally agree with the armpit folds! The whole thing was rushed but I dont wanna cry about it so ... Hopefully you'll see more.

  2. Hey Tahaa! This is Christine, wanted to let you know that I didn't get into Calarts (boo :( ) but thank you so much for EVERYTHING. I'll be going to SVA in NY and i'll try again next year, so yeah...that is all! :)) hope good ol' LD's treating you well

    (PS love the characters; I showed it to these 8yr old french kids and they wanted to watch the cartoon haha!)

    1. Heeeeey! I'm so mad at you! you said your biggest problem with sheridan was canada/weather and you chose NY which is pretty close to here in terms of temperature hahah! LIAR!
      I'm not even sure if you'll read this but if you do, i wish you best of luck and you were one of my favorite people to share what I know with, and you are really talented and you will kill it soon!
      PS. SVA all the waaaaaaaaaaay~

  3. Noooooo it isn't don't say that -___- hahahah! I know I know I'm terrible - I keep telling myself it's going to be 20 degrees C this winter (whatever helps me go to sleep at night)

    Of course I saw this, I follow your blog dontchaknow! Aw thanks so much Taha :)

    Woo SVAaaaaaaa